Pre-Made Chocolate Gift Baskets

​Custom Extra Large Chocolate Holiday Basket

Special Order Baskets may be placed by calling (518)-560-2061 or by emailing

We are happy to ship our chocolates anywhere in the continental US, however, we are unable to ship assembled gift baskets.

Custom Medium Chocolate Holiday Basket

Custom Large Chocolate Basket


​Large Chocolate Basket

Create a personalized gift basket with Buckingham Confectionery! Choose your size, chocolates, and a theme, so it's just right! All dark chocolate, all white chocolate, no's up to you!

Large Basket $45

2 5-pack Pretzel Rods

5 6oz bags Chocolate

Medium Basket $35

1 5-pack Pretzel Rods

3 6oz bags Chocolate

2 3oz bags Chocolate

Small Basket $25

1 5-pack Pretzel Rods

1 6oz bag Chocolate

2 3oz bags Chocolate

Personal Basket $20

1 6oz bag Chocolate

​2 3oz bags Chocolate